File naming and backup solution - Part 2

The second of my posts around filenaming and backup solutions. I describe in detail the software used and the techniques I employ to not only backup locally but remotely as well; whilst keeping the maintenance to a minimum. ...more

Camera and len profiles in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for selecting and editing photographs; there are a couple of settings that I would always recommend applying to each photo taken, before even reviewing them as it's quick and really helps show off the photographs as you intended. Introducing camera and lens profiles ...more

Cheating with your camera in manual mode

Everyone who's anyone in photography is always on about Manual Mode, why you should use it and the benefits it brings through the control it provides. This is true; however, it can lead to poorly exposed photographs simply because you forgot to check the exposure each time. For those of you that want to use manual mode, I have a cheat, that if applied correctly can be of great help ...more

File naming and backup solution - Part 1

The first in a series of posts to show how I extract, name, store and backup photographs. Looking in detail at the software used and some of the key settings, as well as some thoughts on hardware and backup systems.

Part 1 focuses on extracting the images from the cameras, renaming the files and embedding metadata as part of the process, then saving these ready to edit and a second copy as a backup ...more

Why another blog...

Do we need another blog? Not really, but there's a lot of information out there; the most interesting of which I'm trying to help highlight, along with providing you an insight into my approach on IT, photography and much more ...more