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My preferred wedding album manufacturer is GraphiStudio. GraphiStudio invented the flushmount wedding album and are recognized as the best wedding albums in the world; the choice of many celebrities.

Graphistudio were established in 1982 and are considered heavy weights of the wedding album industry. They have over 200 employees and serve over 54,000 professional photographers. The company is based at the Count Ceconi Castle, the pearl of the Arzino Valley, in the north-eastern Alps, with the production facility located in Arba, less than 100 km north-east of Venice.

These superb wedding albums showcase your wedding day in a unique and contemporary style.

Each page is designed using the latest digital technology resulting in a timeless story book just for you. Choose from personalised crystal glance or the most beautiful selection of premium Italian leather covers to present your most treasured memories.

The result will be an album, with all the elegance and style you would expect from a prestigious Italian manufacturer, that you'll want to display in prime position to share with friends and family.

Whilst we make things easy by offering the most popular options as part of our album selection, the ultimate choice of size, format, cover, colour and paper is yours to choose as you wish.
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The album recommendations within each package are based upon the number of suggested pages required to elegantly present your photography, and the extras that you may like to enhance your album with. These are my four premium combinations; however, you can mix and match as you prefer with each of the packages or your album can be tailored specifically to your personal ideas in the number of pages, album size and extras, including the cover and spine. In all cases I'd recommend the metallic laminated paper for the best quality offering
  • An elegant sized, 30cm x 20cm, 20 page album, suitable for around 30 to 40 images using rigid paper and a hardback cover is £320
  • An elegant sized, 30cm x 20cm, 30 page album, suitable for around 45 to 60 images using rigid paper with hardback, leatherette or metal cover is £460
  • A portfolio sized, 35cm x 25cm, 40 page album, suitable for around 60 to 80 images using thick paper, with metal, leather or die cut leatherette cover is £640
  • A professional sized, 40cm x 30cm, 50 page album, suitable for around 75 to 100 images using thick paper, with Metal, Leather, Die Cut Leather or Crystal Glance cover is £800

I also recommend the GraphiStudio hardback parent books and softback pocket books. These must be ordered at the same time as the main album and will be exact replicas
  • 4 Parent books, 13cm x 10cm are £130; only £32.50 each
  • 2 Parent books, 20cm x 15cm are £130; only £65 each
  • 1 Parent book 30cm x 20cm is only £130
  • 30 Pocket books, 6cm x 4cm are £100; only £3.34 each
  • 15 Pocket books, 9cm x 6cm are £100; only £6.67 each
  • 8 Pocket books, 13cm x 10cm are £100; only £12.50 each

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