There are two different ways in which you can view your photographs: the first is using a web browser, such as Google Chrome; the second is specifically for those that have iPhones/iPads or Android devices. In both cases you will need the username and password supplied by us.

Web browser access

In order to access our secure client area via a web browser, click on the link below. If you have opted to have some of your photographs edited, you will need to make that selection using a web browser – details on how to go about this can be found below. The link will open up a new window and you will need to "sign in" at the top left of the screen.

Secure Client Area

Mobile device access

If you wish to view your photographs using a mobile device application (iPad, iPhone or Android), you will first need to download the free Synology DS Photo application.

Click here for the Android app
Click here for the Apple app

The only setting required, in addition to your username and password, is the "address", which should be set to

Photograph structure

Once logged on to either the web view or mobile app, you will find a single folder containing your wedding photographs. Within that folder, you will find up to five further folders, as follows:

Folder nameContains
01 - Original PhotographsAll your original wedding photographs as they come, straight off the camera
02 - Selected PhotographsYour selection of photographs chosen to be professionally edited
03 - Edited Photographs - ColourFinal set of edited photographs in colour
04 - Edited Photographs - B&WFinal set of edited photographs converted to black and white
05 - Edited Photographs - OtherFinal set of edited photographs with additional techniques applied

Photograph selection

If you have chosen to have a number of images professionally edited, then you will need to make that selection using a web browser. Log on to the secure area as described above and view the photos in the folder "01 - Original Photographs".

To select a photo for editing, right-click on the photo (in the grid view) and chose "copy". A pop-up box will ask you for the DESTINATION; select the folder "02 - Selected Photographs". Rather than doing this one photo at a time, it is also possible to select the photos you wish to copy in bulk by marking the tick box at the top left of each photo; you can then right-click as above and the copy will apply to all of the selected photos.

A recommended approach is to copy any photographs into "02 - Selected Photographs" that you feel you may potentially want to be edited as part of your final set; you will most likely choose more than required. Then, view the selected photos and delete as many as is required to reduce the number of selected photos down as per your package. It is for that reason that you must COPY and not move the photographs in the above process.

When selecting photos for editing, the key is to look at people, expressions and overall content of the photo. The editing process will be able to, in most cases, correct any colour cast (white balance) or exposure issues. If you have a great photo that you really like, but is too dark, then this can be resolved so include it in your selection.

The number of photographs that can be selected for editing depends upon the package chosen, as follows:


Once the final selection has been made and we have been notified, we will start the editing process and this will populate the other three folders.
Welcome to our client area, giving couples details on how to view their photographs and make any selection for editing required.

All of our wedding packages include at least one month of your photographs being available on our website. This can be extended for free; just "like" our Facebook page!!